Wire8Shield. Cyber Security Managed Services

Cyber Security is  on every Risk Register and demands constant attention. You deserve the best people, processes, technology and service from your Partner working for you to protect your organisation from breaches 

Wire8Shield - your Cyber Managed Service

There are many reasons why you would take up a Managed Service to enhance your overall Cyber Security posture. Our customers tell us that there at the top of the list are these four;

You can sleep because we don’t – cyber threats don’t sleep so you should have “eyes-on-glass” 24/7, in addition to automation to reduce impact and remediation time

“My team is already stretched” – most IT Departments have a lot to do, so resourcing a Detection and Response Centre / SOC is challenging, even if it’s small. Plus there is the added complexity of operating 24 hours a day, every day.  Having a Partner take on this role provides certainty of resourcing and service, 24 x 365. 

Expertise on tap – recruiting, training and retaining Cyber Security specialists is another challenge in a market where those skills are in high demand. Customers want to pass that challenge to a Partner and have the expertise they need, available to them as and when they need it.   
Powerful technology stack – built on CrowdStrike – customers tell us that they want to rest easily knowing that the Managed Service they are relying on is built on proven, reliable and leading technology. That is why we have build our Managed Service on the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. One platform to stop breaches. 

To discuss how our Managed Service can improve your Cyber Security, contact the Wire8 Digital team info@wire8digital.com